Detektyw Bruno

Detective Bruno

from 8 y/o


06.10 09:30 In the cinema Multikino room 2

What can a spoilt celebrity learn from his adolescent fan? For example, that you are only real when someone believes in you.

This adventurous and romantic family comedy tells a story of a boy who engages his favourite film star to join him on a treasure hunt. For each of them, this treasure will turn out to be something completely different – for little Oskar, it’s a secret gift hidden by his parents, and for the famous Bruno, the discovery that love is closer than he thought.

Detective Bruno is clever and fun entertainment for viewers aged 2 to 102!

sensitive content: no parents


Magdalena Nieć and Mariusz Palej

Magdalena Nieć
A director, screenwriter and actress, graduate of the Kraków State Theatre Academy. Scholarship holder of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette in France. Her screenwriting debut was the children’s film Behind the Blue Door, where she also played the role of a second director, responsible for working with children. Her script for her second feature film, The Black Mill, received an individual award at the Moscow International Children’s Film Festival.

Mariusz Palej
A graduate of the Warsaw School of Photography and the Łódź Film School. Director and cinematographer. Creator of documentaries, music videos and TV series, he has been successfully making films for children for several years. His directorial debut, Behind the Blue Door, was a success in terms of attendance and artistry – the film won numerous international awards for the best debut and the best film. His second film, The Black Mill, also won awards at the Schlingel International Children’s Film Festival and the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, among others.