Naissance des oasis

Birth of the Oases

from 8 y/o


01.10 10:00 In the Circle of Life. Short Films Multikino room 3
06.10 09:30 In the Circle of Life. Short Films Multikino room 4

A cold-blooded snake meets a hot-blooded camel. The camel agrees to let the snake climb on his back – the reptile’s cold scales cool the mammal. The animals spend many years together. When the camel becomes seriously ill, he takes the snake to the desert and asks his friend to go there whenever he feels sad: “for here, I will be with you everywhere”. So, after the camel dies, the snake decides to spend the rest of his life in the desert. Wherever the snake’s wet scales come into contact with the ground, an oasis will emerge.

sensitive content: passing


Marion Jamault

A French animator and illustrator. Her debut animation, Le loup boule (2017), was screened at numerous festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand. Birth of the Oases is her second film.