Robin og Planeten

Planet Robin

from 10 y/o


02.10 10:00 The Sound of Solitude. Short Films Multikino room 4
06.10 12:00 The Sound of Solitude. Short Films Multikino room 3

Nine-year-old Robin is an imaginative and resourceful girl, but also a victim of her parents’ crumbling marriage. One day, she discovers a small planet in the woods that is damaged and needs help, so Robin takes it home and hides it in the garage. As her parents’ separation takes its toll on her, Robin clings to the planet with disastrous consequences.

sensitive content: divorce


Johan Kaos

Screenwriter and director. He holds a degree in media studies from the University of Oslo and a master’s degree in film studies from Lillehammer University College. He made his directorial debut with the feature film Pornopung (2013), which he also produced and wrote. Johan has written and directed a number of commercials over the past few years.